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PIZKATZ: Dancing To The Bump and Grind

PIZKATZ is a Rock Ska band from Tacloban that spans nearly a decade of rockin' and bangin'. Their name comes from the original Waray-waray cuss word. The band’s overall sound is an amalgam of Ska, Punk, and Grebo Rock. Their members include Alex Risos (Vocals), Jasper Cabrera (Vocals), Lemuel Acerden (Vocals), Derek Delgado (Guitars), Marti [...]
March 20, 2019

NRS: Rockin’ Dat Riddim

NRS is a band with elements of Ska, Reggae, Punk, Funk and Alternative Rock aspects fused together. This came about due to Cheno Margallo (Vocals, Guitars) and his creative aspiration to incorporate various genres and influences into their music. However, they suggest a simpler term, in that they could be a Progressive Rock and Reggae [...]
March 5, 2019

Cerebro’s 7th Anniversary: A Whole Lotta Jammin’ Goin’ On

Last year, during the whole month of September 2018, Cerebro Bar celebrated its 7th anniversary with weekend performances of great Tacloban bands and musicians that rocked the stage and the audiences. It was an awesome sight to behold every sundown on Friday and Saturday. There were different themes for each evening as the performers conformed to [...]
February 18, 2019


From time to time a great band is formed from a bizarre circumstance, genre, and interest. Like the saying that goes “Many are called but few are chosen” – most bands come and go or get locked up to the sound similar to their musical preference. Scarlet Alley is definitely not one of such statistics. […]

October 6, 2018


Baby Dinosaurs was borne out of a drunken pronouncement at the Cerebro Bar. The idea came from three individuals who-concluded-that-the-world-was-actually-round sometime 2014. THE LONG STORY – 2 days prior to a major event at the Cerebro Bar, a lined-up band withdrew for some reason. The three decided to perform as replacement of the said band […]

September 21, 2018


Slingshotz have been around since 2007. Zandro Lanzarote – “DRO”, Carl Lledo – “CARL F”, and Emmanuel Dabucol – “LA CHINO” shared how it all started for a hip-hop group that left a mark in the local music scene for a decade now. DRO got exposed to rap music as early as 6th grade. His […]

September 5, 2018


Bolingling is the nickname of Ronan Christian M. Reposar since childhood. He is the incumbent Vice Mayor of Palo, Leyte – adding up another moniker with regard to this status, local musicians call him “Bays” or “Vice”. Bolingling is one of the local music scene’s prominent solo artists. His original compositions are written in Waray-Waray […]

August 29, 2018


Paolo Ay-ay is a singer/songwriter with roots coming from Burauen. He is from a family of musicians on his mother’s side and had been exposed to dance and music at an early age, as both were regular activities of family gatherings. He finds great pride in performing with the Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company way back […]

August 14, 2018


KBOX TV recently had a candid interview with probably the finest guitar virtuoso from the Eastern Visayas Region. Sharing Noli Aurillo’s views was too much like listening to a guru giving us a walk-through on how the world revolves around its axis. Born 1959 in Tacloban City. At age 11, his first love was magic […]

July 16, 2018