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Bolingling is the nickname of Ronan Christian M. Reposar since childhood. He is the incumbent Vice Mayor of Palo, Leyte – adding up another moniker with regard to this status, local musicians call him “Bays” or “Vice”.

Bolingling is one of the local music scene’s prominent solo artists. His original compositions are written in Waray-Waray and recognized by a wide range of audience across Eastern Visayas. He also wrote the Tacloban City HUC and the Palo OkTUBAfest promotional music.

KBOX Studios have long recognized that musicians and bands from Palo are definitely good performers. It seems to be a part of their DNA. In case you wonder why that is? — Like any other child from Palo in the 80’s, Bolingling grew up as if performing art was a way of life. He remembers that he was very active on classroom-based performances back in grade school on a daily basis. These non-curricular presentations are still applied today in all schools within the municipality so to encourage the art of performing.

Bolingling played in front of a big audience at an early age for Bata Banda Musika Band Explosion in 1992. He wrote his first ever Waray-Waray song as the event only allowed artists with original composition using this dialect. Vice was only 12 years old.

Bolingling performed 3 of his popular songs in this interview with KBOX TV. His songwriting represents socio-cultural experiences and relevance associated to local community setting.

Ambot Ha Im 2002 – Talks about “epals” who gets the highlight of group talks. An anthem for people who get everything at the positive moments and vanish during difficult times.

Singol Nanay 2004 – Talks about single mothers out of wedlock. A reality highlighted through a witty use of sarcastic wordplay.

Uswag Hudo 2006 – Talks about political ideals and unity. It also expresses dismay to families whose divide was created out of the very same ideals that politics presents.

Bolingling is one of those musicians that will be forever remembered because of these songs. A contribution that established a mark in behalf of a generation that existed from the “Betamax, Casette childhood up until the Internet age”.

A politician. A lawyer. A father. A performer. A Waray-Waray songwriter.

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