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Paolo Ay-ay is a singer/songwriter with roots coming from Burauen. He is from a family of musicians on his mother’s side and had been exposed to dance and music at an early age, as both were regular activities of family gatherings. He finds great pride in performing with the Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company way back when he was in high school until at present. These are the foundations that convey his profound passion for local culture and traditions especially the Waray-Waray heritage.

Paolo played 2 of his originals at the KBOX STUDIOS live room during this interview. Both songs dwell on environmental issues. He expressed to KBOX TV that Mother Nature is an essential part of how humans exist and we should do our part in return.

Tigaman – The environment is the true symbol of resilience. Despite of constant human abuse, it never withers. He further discusses about his fight to preserve our environment. He wants to entice listeners that we have a strong connection and responsibility with nature.

“Ha luyo han burobalyu nga panahon, padayon nga nag-aagaw an gab-I ngan adlaw. Waray anay balangaw ugsa mag-uran, amo ini it mulay han kalibutan”

Ataman – Paolo remembers a family outing in Daguitan River when he was 15. The bliss was overwhelming that he wondered if other kids would be able to experience the same feeling at that particular moment. The memory stuck with him and wrote about it when he turned 21. It took him 2 years to finish the song.

Paolo wants to use his craft for a wider purpose. With the desire to promote his cultural heritage, he considers himself as an apprentice of the Waray-Waray tradition and culture.

Paolo’s advise to young and aspiring musicians out there. “Explore and absorb different genres if you want to grow as a musician. By then, the music that will come out from you is the real you.”

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