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Cerebro’s 7th Anniversary: A Whole Lotta Jammin’ Goin’ On

Last year, during the whole month of September 2018, Cerebro Bar celebrated its 7th anniversary with weekend performances of great Tacloban bands and musicians that rocked the stage and the audiences. It was an awesome sight to behold every sundown on Friday and Saturday. There were different themes for each evening as the performers conformed to it and made every single night a memorable one.

Like on the 1st of September, the first night, Viva Airport and Project 4 launched the celebration with a lot of Reggae music, mixed with some OPM and originals. They took to the stage and gifted the audience with good tunes and good vibes. Apart from being very good performers, they’re also brilliant musicians. Their albums are currently in the works at KBOX Studios. Incidentally, both bands come from Samar, Leyte. Viva Airport comes from Catarman, while Project 4 is from Borongan.

On September 7, things got bouncin’ and groovin’ as Cerebro let loose with its Hip Hop Night. With performances such as La Familia, Supremo, Slingshotz, Jaydi and Joffet, Lyrical Dayen, and others, the night saw the house filled with a crowd of Rap Music enthusiasts. It was a Friday night, and everybody knows how Fridays get good especially when rappers get together on nights as energetic (and at the same time, chill) as this.

The next evening, September 8, was Metal Night. If the evening before was packed, then this night was a horde. Metal Night saw performances by Thou Shall Burn, Of What Remains, Hukbo, Gretoba, Vultures, Timmyroy, Fingerchain, Bleak, Private Property, etc., and it was completely earth shattering. The growls, screams, heavy pounding of the drums, grinding guitars, bellowing bass, all contributed to the raw force of the night’s powerful and heavy theme.

A week later, specifically September 14, Girl Power Night happened and, obviously, it featured female-fronted bands who rocked; and rocked they did. The Bands who got up onstage were LSR, Velvett Fogg, Anteepara, Maroon and Gold, Yssabelle, Epiphany, Tears of Rome, Firstimer, and Exousia. They rocked the night with lots of passion, gusto, and fervor. In truth, some of these bands had not performed for a while and they wanted to make up for it, and that’s exactly what they did.

On the next night, September 15th on a Saturday, Kaskas Guitar Fest cranked up the awesomeness levels to eleven. Naturally, the evening showcased performances by guitar virtuosos of varying styles and genres. Glen Jundis, Carlo Mendoza, Michael Tupaz, Dandee Grafil, Alan Villanueva, Jazz Repulda, Derek Delgado, Harris Gomez, Tantan Dagami, PJ Basio, Shaun Regis, Rhyzl Cebuano, Adrian Ladan, and Mikoy Tampil were on top billing.

On Friday, the next week, September 21, Songwriters’ Night was the main theme. The evening’s motif centered on musicians who were prolific at writing a lot of good songs. They performed onstage with their originals and showed us why they deserved to be on the spotlight that night. Musicians like Romel Osias, Paolo Ay-ay, Arman Tayom, Marlon Moscare, Alan Villanueva, Rex Makabenta, and Bolingling Reposar were among the celebrated songwriters of the evening. The evening also featured Winston Ladera. His songs were interpreted and performed by Joffet Ocena.

Blues Night was next. It was a Saturday evening on September 22, and a lot of soul-rending music happened on that night. If you ever wondered what the blues mean then maybe you’re asking the wrong question. The question should be, “How does the blues feel?” because it doesn’t exactly stand for something. It’s about the feels. Blues Night featured musicians such as Raymond Montejo, Nikko Montilla, and Romnick Hidalgo, and they all made us savor the blues that evening.

Thus, the final week arrived, and on September 28, Friday, Unplugged Night darted onto the scene. Ar. Kendel Esperas and Richie Armamiento kicked off for starters and everything afterwards successfully bounded into place. Gab Band, Dirty Options, Chubbyboys, Say No, Mixed Berries, and Before The Worst were among the performers and they played acoustic with much zeal as if they were plugged into a distortion pedal. They weren’t, but they rocked all the same.

Culmination Night finally happened on September 29 and it was definitely a night to remember. Laughter, enjoyment, and lots of awesome music and performances, were the main fillings of the evening. Tears of Rome, Eva Jocelyn, The Masterbeaters, Raymond Montejo, Kulahig, Baby Dinosaurs, Isotones, Silverlining, G.A.S., Samoan, and Sewage, were the featured musicians and they electrified the house with their variegated rockin’ revue.

All through the different themes of the weekend nights, 1cam 1shot was there to document the whole occasion with matching interviews for every band after their respective performances, and it greatly contributed to the highly energetic fun and hilarity of the whole month-long event. It was an awesome time for all the people involved and we were just sad to see it end because it felt as though it passed by so quickly. Oh well… there’s always the next anniversary to look forward to. So we’ll see you again soon, guys. We promise we’ll bring you even more fun the next time around with lots of rockin’, laughin’, and jammin’.