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SILVERLINING: The Brighter Side of Gloom

Silverlining is an alternative rock band from Tacloban that's had many evolutions and lineup changes in its history. Undoubtedly, their development has been for the better. The band certainly has grown over the years. Currently, the members include Matthan Pedrosa (Vocals), Jhonrod Cornista (Bass), Klient Francis Duma (Drums), Michelangelo Palacio (Guitars), and Marti Ruiz (Guitars). [...]
February 6, 2019

JAYDI & JOFFET: A Tandem of Hip Hop & Ballad

Jaydi and Joffet is a duo that brings novelty to the mainstream and hypes it up with a groovy mix of ballad and hip-hop lightheartedness. Though they haven't really have a name yet for their tandem, they probably don’t need it—simply because they’ve already got their individual names marked up as two of Tacloban’s finest [...]
January 30, 2019

Sewage — The sound of Grunge and Punk

Sewage is a post-grunge rock band from Tacloban. Their members include Joseph 'Jocquer' Pensotes (Vocals), Jan Arvin Lledo (Drums), Mark Angelo Bato (Bass), and Paul Weslie Estur (Guitars). They hail from different bands but they decided to form together because of the shared common interest in music; as well as other forms of creativity. The [...]
January 22, 2019

Little Highdee: Talentong Rakrakers

Named after the vocalist’s wife during call time at a concert, Little Highdee started out as a project band sometime around 2011. Vinko Tripoli (Vocals) and Jackson Balogo (Guitars) first formed the group so they could join a Battle of the Bands contest in Tolosa, Leyte. The band has a certain chemistry between them. It's [...]
January 9, 2019


Cerebro Bar invited Viva Airport to perform in the first night of a month-long 7th year anniversary celebration. The band performed 18 original compositions and we all digested their story through an adrenaline-hyped showcase in just one set.

October 18, 2018


Lost Semen Reunion has been around for 21 years. Main members Riza Makabenta and Dandee Grafil shared the band’s history with KBOX TV. The band was assembled in 1996 with founders Riza on guitars and Simon Deguia YRellesiva on bass guitar. Wendell Bardos played the drums and Dante Jocson was the vocals when they started […]

August 21, 2018


BALANGKAYAN, EASTERN SAMAR July 13, 2018 Somewhere nga harani hin dagat … . . KBOX STUDIOS travelled to Balangkayan, Eastern Samar a day before the eve of the town’s fiesta. It was an uneventful 3-hour trip from Tacloban probably because it was an anticipated long heave. We arrived around noon and had lunch at the […]

August 16, 2018


Bagasumbol is a 2-hour drive from Tacloban City. This is what Naval was used to be called. It is the capital municipality that seats the provincial government of the Biliran Province. KBOX TV had a chance to talk with a homegrown band coming from the island province. A bonding that goes way back to their […]

July 28, 2018


ANTEEPARA: BACK WITH THEIR UNIQUE ALTERNATIVE SOUND Anteepara came about in June 2011. An all female band with lead vocals/guitar Bjean Navarete, Ken Alminar on drums, Jam Amor on bass, and Vanessa Vallejos on lead guitar. They use to call themselves Georgia out of urgency as they stepped into the stage for the first time. [...]
July 3, 2018