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Little Highdee: Talentong Rakrakers

Named after the vocalist’s wife during call time at a concert, Little Highdee started out as a project band sometime around 2011. Vinko Tripoli (Vocals) and Jackson Balogo (Guitars) first formed the group so they could join a Battle of the Bands contest in Tolosa, Leyte.

The band has a certain chemistry between them. It’s as if their minds are networked together and they know how to read each other. Juan Miguel “Myx” Enage (Drums) is probably the main glue that binds them all together. He’s probably the go-getter of the group. What gets all of them going is the fact that they see music, this band, as a way to relieve themselves of stress. For them, music is all about fun.

Recently, Little Highdee paid a visit to KBOX Studios. They’re a fun bunch to hang with. When they performed two of their songs, Genesis and Lito Lapit, we realized there was more to this band than meets the eye.

The song, Genesis, is about new beginnings. It’s somewhat inspired by the Yolanda tragedy. However, it doesn’t necessarily focus on that. It’s mainly about having everything stripped away from you and then you start rebuilding yourself again through hope and prayer. The other song, Lito Lapit, is mostly about the struggles of past relationships, lost love, and heartbreak.

Watching Little Highdee perform their songs, we realized how awesome they sounded. The guitars sounded like they were almost mystical. Maybe it was the delay effect, or maybe it was Janssen Sabusap (Guitars) and his guitar tone. At times, it felt like drifting windchimes in space, while Jackson’s was comparable to floating mercury on water. The lines provided by Angelo Abaloyan (Bass) were so smooth, like a humming brontosaurus. The bass complemented the drums; as it should. The stops and rolls provided by Myx smoothly carried the whole performance with great effect into every chorus, while the vocals successfully expressed each song’s story with melodic impact.

Little Highdee members:

  • Vinko Tripoli (Vocals)
  • Jackson Balogo (Guitars)
  • Janssen Canillas Sabusap (Guitars)
  • Juan Miguel “Myx” Enage (Drums)
  • Angelo Abaloyan (Bass)

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