The Guerillas: A 90s Pioneer Band in Tacloban

The Guerillas was formed in 2005 when Jerby (vocals) and Kevin (drums) recorded “Waiting Coming” in an old studio in the outskirts of Tacloban. Raymund, who was a former bandmate of the two, joined in to do the bass. They were part of Campo Xanto (Alternative/funk world band) which had a good run in the Tacloban scene from 1997 to 2004. The Guerillas, however, went on hiatus for 4 years due to continuous personnel changes. It was not until 2010 when Earl joined the band that The Guerillas finally worked on their other songs. By 2014, Louie, on second guitar, completed the band.
Today, The Guerillas is one of Tacloban’s most original bands. Their music brings to mind the moody sound of Joy Division and The Editors, the raw yet pop appeal of The Killers and Real Estate, the groove of LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, The XX, Friendly Fires, and even the textures of Ride, Jesus and the Marychains, The Sundays, DIIV, among others. This band is British inspired and can easily be associated with the new wave revival scene with an indie rock sound that brings to mind post-punk, dance punk/indie, dream pop, shoegaze and new wave.
The Guerillas band members are part of the pioneer wave of the Tacloban music scene of the 90s. All members have families and their own respective careers but they continue to perform and create original music. The band is hoping to finish an EP before the end of 2017’s first quarter.