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Slingshotz have been around since 2007. Zandro Lanzarote – “DRO”, Carl Lledo – “CARL F”, and Emmanuel Dabucol – “LA CHINO” shared how it all started for a hip-hop group that left a mark in the local music scene for a decade now.

DRO got exposed to rap music as early as 6th grade. His elder brother played a big role in his interest for hip-hop — the very same person who influenced LA CHINO into writing rap music.

CARL F. came from a family of singers and has actually been performing since grade school. His hip-hop influence started in high school when DRO became his schoolmate – DRO was the culprit who fed him with rap music and the same “elder brother” got him into writing.

Each of the 3 was affiliated with various hip-hop groups. When they were studying in college here in Tacloban, the 3 decided to form a group of their own since they always met and they were all from Catbalogan City in the first place.

The name Slingshotz did not originate from the group. Waray Batasan (WB), a hip-hop production group in Catbalogan was the original Slingshotz Banditz back in 2006. When the trio merged in 2007, they used the name and somehow made magic with their original compositions and beats.

In this interview with KBOX TV, Slingshotz invited Dogardz Melgar of IPOTS to play the guitar for their popular works. Hubog Na Liwat and Kami Naman were performed in acoustic flavor. Both songs were indeed a refreshing taste to the ear.

Slingshotz continues to write original music. This time, they plan to perform it with a band so to produce a different treatment for their beloved genre. Coming soon.

Kuya! Whoever you may be, wherever you are, whatever it is that you are into — you did a very good job. Slingshotz is a product of your love for Waray-Waray hip-hop.

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