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KJ Buloron: An Introvert Songwriter

KJ Buloron is an emerging artist of Tacloban City. She started playing musical instruments when she was just 9 years old and started writing songs since she was in 1st year high school. To know more about our featured artist of the week, here are few fun facts about her.

  • Introvert. Songwriting is her only avenue to deliver emotions across. She writes to hear something that has not been written by any songwriter, melody and/or lyrics that fits her taste. 
  • She was a part of Elements Music camp Batch 3.
  • References: Hall and Oates, Gabe Bondoc, Colbie Calliat, Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran, Brooke White, Tracy Chapman, Tristan Prettyman, Ebe Dancel, Kennard Farraon, and the ultimate John Mayer.
  • Personal philosophy about music: “Music can be a reflection of one’s personality. Your playlist can tell so much about you.”

This young artist shared with Kbox that she does not fancy the idea of becoming famous. “All I want is to share my music, pursue my passion, and let others listen to my own creation”, she added.

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