Johanna: A writer, wanderer with a soothing voice

Johanna is not the typical woman you come across with. Also known as Jempe, this young artist is a writer for an online magazine and runs her own blog Her interests include photography, surfing, and adventure. She lives to travel and she travels to live. In this song entitled Parade, Jempe smoothly delivers the message and mood with her “Where have you been all these years?” voice. Aside from covers, she also writes her own songs (check out @cameraandcheese on  

Parade is performed with a 9-year old band, Scarlet Alley:

  • Jed Dycoco as the composer, backups, and liver lover boy
  • Charles Santillan on Lead Guitars, and Travel and Tours
  • Chris Nierva on Rhythm Guitars and Vulcanizing Services
  • Iman Nicer on Bass and Wealth
  • Ken Alminar on Percs, backups, and everything nice
  • Dale de Paz of Brainstew Films on Percs and daddy day care
  • Klient Duma on Drums and bleeding hearts

Listen to Parade, here:

The group wants to promote and encourage more artists to write and share original songs to the local audience of Tacloban City. You can catch them perform at Cerebro Bar.

Follow Jempe on Instagram @cameraandcheese & @johannaellamay

Parade is now available on Spotify!