Who is Anteepara?

Led by an eye-candy musician Bjean Navarrete, this alternative rock band became part of the music industry in Tacloban, year 2011. Anteepara is one of the bands in the city that has gained popularity all through the years because of its catchy sound and charisma. The band quickly gained a good following and was well received, especially by the youth. Their first music video, shown above, was released in October 2012 entitled, “Nang-iwan”. Some of their original compositions include: Insensitive, Alone, and Anggulo.
Initially, majority of the members were female. Bjean Navarrete on vocals and rhythm guitars, Ken Alminar on drums, Jam Amor on bass and the only male in the group, Romnick Hidalgo on lead guitars. In November 2016, Andy Verona and Jeffrey Almaden joined in to complete the band replacing the drummer and lead guitarist, respectively. Their influences are Alanis Morissette, Green Day, Maroon 5 and Cranberries. Anteepara also endorses Waray Gud clothing line from a local business, Kevin’s.