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Samoan: A band who believes in the spirit of freedom

Taking up different fields but united for music, Tacloban has another group of young musicians who rock in the industry. Ace Loreche (lead vocals), Sean Bardelas (guitars), Renrey Baoy (guitars), Jeremy Lumapas (bass), and John Tumamak (drums) complete the band Samoan. Established in 2013, the band name was inspired by a wrestler, the samoan bulldozer. This led them to discover that Samoan is a group of people with a stand for freedom, from their place down to the significance of their tattoos. Freedom is the foundation of this band’s inspiration.

With 7 original compositions and more to come, they continue to take in the artistry of a taclobanon towards the bigger music scene. 5 individuals. 5 personalities. One soulful music.