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Break Free – Leyteños Join a Global Cry against Dirty Energy

People across the globe witnessed the strength of Filipinos as we survived the Haiyan aftermath. Tacloban, the most devastated city is now known as The City of Hope. The resilience, however, does not end in rebuilding establishments and healing one’s psyche. For the survivors of the deadliest Philippine typhoon, the fight goes on.

On March 19th to 25th, Leyte joined Break Free in its global cry against climate change. Initiated by Greenpeace International and GreenPeace PhilippinesBreak Free is a wave of people taking stand against burning fossil fuels and dirty energy around the world. Leyteños participated in various events, such as A Paddle for Climate Change Awareness, Pagbasya: Tuba Painting Workshop, Resiklo: Mixed Media Arts Workshop, and Awit Han Aton Iroy Nga Tuna: Culture & Arts Festival For Climate Change. To close its week-long activities, a free music and arts festival was held at the Balyuan, Ampitheatre on the 25th. The main purpose of the concert was to call out the government and corporations who are big contributors of carbon emissions. Through music, poetry, visual arts, and dancing, the locals were invited to join the movement and raise awareness. Local artists showcased their talents for free in hopes that the audience will understand the dangers of climate change. Different organizations in Tacloban were more than willing to lend a hand in making the event a success. And it was indeed a success. From 3PM to 2AM, Waray-Warays came together, listened, and jammed with the performers despite the searing summer sun (earlier in the afternoon) and drizzles. 

3 years after Haiyan, the people of Leyte has once again proved that despite the differences, we can always find a common ground and be united for a good cause. Haiyan survivor or not, we all have to continue the fight for climate justice.

Special Thanks to the following:

Break Free, GreenPeace International, Greenpeace Philippines, Kbox Studios Production & Art Gallery, Ransak Productions, Salties, Dante Enage, Archie Prisno, MASKI, Kendel Esperas, Kulahig, Bolingling, Anteepara, Baby Dinosaurs, The Guerillas, Powerpopcorn, Haze, Samoan, Silverlining, Timmyroy, Pizkatz, Rex Makabenta, Pasi, HH Slick, La Familia, Kbox Siday Club and Jen Garcia, Kokoy from The Voice, and DJ Angelo.

Here are some photos and videos of the activities from Break Free Leyte Page and Kbox Studios:


Pagbasya: Tuba Painting Workshop