Category: Visual Artists

Wayne Calleja

I best describe my work as the refinement of execution and a disciplined handling of material triumphing over visual chaos and disorder. There is a common rhythm and visual inflection that disrupts familiar themes with their independent attitude and unpredictable refusal to articulate the expected images and visual realization. Each and every piece is richly endowed with qualities that by turns are lyrical and rigorous, violent and still, humorous and tight-lipped, surreal and pop, open and mysterious, adoring and irreverent.

February 25, 2018


Join us this December 3, 7 PM KBOX Art Gallery Cafe for the public opening of INTERSECTIONS, a mixed media exhibition of artists from Tacloban, Manila, and Berlin. In Japanese legend, the red thread of fate grows in your heart and flows out of your finger and goes on to intertwine with other people — [...]
November 29, 2017

Archie Prisno: “The Reality of My Art is a Lie to Many”

Known for using pen as his medium in art, Archimedes Prisno is one of the established artists who has been largely contributing to the art scene in Tacloban City. On January 13, 2017, his first one-man exhibit was finally realized at Kbox Art Gallery Café. Kbox asked a few questions to know more about him. […]

January 26, 2017

Dante Enage: Reliving Visayan Arts

Dante Enage is a renowned mixed media Taclobanon artist and the president of the Kasi-kasi Art Association Incorporated. His style is organic abstraction- making use of anything round and wavy that he can find in nature. He is better known for his use of Tuba or Coconut Wine as his medium for painting. Dante has [...]
October 9, 2016

Steve Acerden: “Working Without Thinking.”

A 60 year old veteran visual artist, Steve Acerden is one of the most well known surrealists in Tacloban City. His very own signature in surrealism is recognizable across his work. It was in 1995 when Waray-warays started to notice his art through his participation in various group exhibits. In July 8, 2016, he had [...]
October 9, 2016